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Here are some ways that you can begin to change lives in your own neighborhood, workplace or youth center.

  1. Offer free or discounted advertising space for violence prevention efforts.
  2. Offer free or discounted meeting room space for prevention training and support groups for survivors and their children.
  3. Offer free or discounted daycare services for children while survivors handle legal issues or attend support groups and counseling.
  4. Sponsor a fundraiser for local advocacy organizations.
  5. Serve as a board member for a local advocacy organization.
  6. Discuss violence prevention during worship services.
  7. Add violence prevention messages to your faith newsletter and worship program.
  8. Post local resources and crisis hotlines in women’s and men’s restroom stalls.
  9. Offer violence prevention educational brochures/intervention literature in your waiting rooms or in public areas in your office. Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence and Futures Without Violence provide free literature that you can use.
  10. Promote violence prevention with your professional organizations.
  11. Make a choice to organize violence prevention training for your neighborhood.
  12. Institute or promote a strict non-violence policy for employees.
  13. Include violence prevention training during employee orientation.
  14. Offer ongoing training to employees by inviting a local advocate to speak during a brown bag lunch event.
  15. Assist anti-violence groups to pass legislation and regulations that support intolerance for violence.
  16. Work to support adequate funding for advocacy organizations.
  17. Provide recognition for outstanding prevention/intervention activities in your community.
  18. Offer to speak at violence prevention events and promote awareness months associated with violence prevention, such as Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) during the month of April, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month in February, and Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.
Be a voice against violence in your community.
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