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  • I make this pledge to honor the people I care about:
    • Because I know sexual assault, relationship and stalking violence impacts the lives of those I love and the lives of those others love; and
    • Because I know reducing the number of victims requires a broad social change as well as specific individual acts and choices; and
    • Because I know I am a part of establishing what is acceptable in our community; and
    • Because I know others will observe my choices and follow my lead
  • I pledge to:
    • Listen to, believe and support all people who have experienced any form of personal violence
    • Examine my own values and attitudes and change anything I may be doing that contributes to violent behavior
    • Pay attention to and take action when I see, hear or know someone needs help and find a way to safely intervene in a situation that has the potential to lead to a positive outcome
    • Regularly and visibly endorse the values of safety and intolerance of all forms of violence
    • Encourage those in my life to take responsibility for ending all forms of violence
It all starts by making a commitment to yourself and your community.
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